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Our Promise

Mission Statement

Our mission is to put MillionTACOS among the best real taquerias in town by providing a very delicious and nostalgic taste like the tacos in each corner of Mexico.

And if you are wondering why 1,000,000 Tacos. It is because we are planning to give free tacos on the day we achieve our first 1,000,000 Tacos

.MillionTACOS will not settle by only providing the best tacos in town or great customer service. MillionTACOS will go beyond its gratitude for their customers, and the community by providing and encouraging everyone to dream and achieve their first Million dollars in life or more by providing economic education, support, and more.

With a rich history tied to the Mexican cuisine for thousands of years. MillionTACOS is the one-stop spot for Mexican cuisine. We believe our Tacos bring people together.

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601 N Euclid St Unit C, Anaheim, CA 92801

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